Cabinet Heaters

Portable gas cabinet heaters for additional heating at home, for in an office, or other rooms and areas in the workplace.
Running off a small bottle of butane lpg gas a cabinet heater is a cost effective and simple way to provide additional heat when needed. Most cabinet heaters are mounted on castors / wheels allowing easy transportation and moving. All models have several heat settings to allow you to control the temperature and gas usage

Popular models of cabinet heaters are the Calor Classic and the Superser F150 and Superser F250 models. A newcomer to this product line up is also the two new models supplied under the Continental brand name.
Clarke Little Devil

The Clarke “Little Devil” is a compact sized portable propane gas fired space heater that is suited for the home mechanic, small storeroom or warehouse, workshop or building that needs a fast source of heating at a low price. Running off economical and affordable propane bottled gas the Clarke Little Devil is easy to use with just a few basic operator controls.   
Clarke Devil 1250 Heater

The Clarke branded Devil 1250 model is a medium sized space heater for fast heating of store rooms, warehouses, workshops, garages, and factory areas. With an adjustable heat control the Devil 1250 heater has a variable output of up to 149000 btu. It is powered by electric for the internal blower fan and uses a bottle of propane lpg gas as its fuel. As with all Clarke space heaters this is built to a high quality and is a popular choice for many users that look to buying this type of portable “rocket style” heater.
Bottled Gas

Butane and propane bottled gas supplied locally in Yorkshire.

Bottled gas for cabinet heaters, barbeques, cookers, camping stoves, touring caravans, fork lift trucks, and space heaters.  

The two main manufacturers of bottled gas in the Uk are Calor and Flogas. Both suppliers produce lpg in popular sizes of cylinders to suit both the leisure industry as well as the commercial business user.
A Clarke Portable Heater is ideal for use in the garage at home or for use in your workplace. The Clarke Little Devil Heater in particular is really suited for the home car or motorcycle mechanic that needs some extra heating during the cold weather that Leeds in West Yorkshire experiences during winter.
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Clarke Heaters in Leeds

Portable Heater Clarke Space Heater
You can buy or hire a portable heater in Leeds, West Yorkshire
Depending on your individual requirements it may be cost effective to buy or hire a portable heater as well as consider a long term rental option if it is for use in your workplace
Garage Heaters
For use at home you can choose from a selection of compact sized heaters including the great Clarke Little Devil space heater.
Operating off a standard cylinder of propane bottled gas this space heater is ideal for use by home mechanics, hobbyists, and people who undertake work or their hobby in a small garage or workshop at home.
Factory Heaters
You can buy or hire standard and larger size space heaters for use in factory areas.
These operate off a 47kg bottle of propane gas making them affordable to run as well as being cost effective to buy or hire.
Office  Heaters
A portable heater can make all the difference to an otherwise cold office. In this application you can buy or hire a choice of electric heaters that include fan heaters, radiant heaters, infra red and quartz heaters, and oil filled radiators.
As well as being suitable for use in the office these can suit most retail shops, store rooms, reception waiting and seating rooms, clinic waiting rooms, and site cabins and work huts.
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